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    How to Enter and Live in the World


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    How to Enter and Live in the World

    Post by The_Voice on Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:55 pm

    Entering the New World

    There are two ways to enter the New World.

    1) Crafted by the Gods;
    2) Being born

    Crafted by the Gods

    The Gods want to make and observe life to satisfy the machinations that only they can understand. They can elect to create a body and spirit from scratch and place them somewhere on the New World.

    If a player chooses this option, they can control the age, appearance, name, and stats of their character. But, they have no control over the location and circumstances of how their life journey begins.

    Expect to be given almost nothing in terms of equipment. Crafted characters rely on the skills they've chosen as Gods don't really know what a new being needs to survive.

    As the New World is in its infancy, most players will have no choice but be crafted. The second option may become available if players choose to go down that road.

    Being Born

    If a player doesn't like starting off in the wilderness of the New World with nothing, they can choose to be born to family.

    Characters born into a family can still choose their appearance and stats, but not their name or age at the beginning of their journey.

    Every character born into a family will begin as a child (roughly 5-10 years old), and their names will be chosen by the character's parents. Options to change the name will become available as the character progresses through their life.

    Living and Ageing in the New World

    Living in the New World will wholly depend on the choices a character will make throughout his/her life. Encounters and important decisions will mold them, as they grow. Go to Attributes to learn more about how this works.

    If a character is born into a family they will go through three stages of development: child, laborer, and adult.

    Ageing is a tricky thing in the New World. Characters don't reach the next stage by measure of time. Characters do so by gaining the permission of their parents.

    Every born character begins as a child (5-9 years old).

    The next stage is laborer (10-17). This is the age when a character can choose their job.

    The final stage is adult (18-death). This is the age when a character can start a family of their own.

    Dying in the New World

    Characters can and will die if they aren't careful in their adventures. The New World runs on Permadeath, which means, once a character dies that's it for them. No restarts or redos. Their profile and adventures up until the point of their death will be chronicled in the Books of the Dead.

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