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    Attributes and Adventures


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    Attributes and Adventures

    Post by The_Voice on Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:48 pm


    Each character will be given a set of attributes and attribute points at the beginning of their life journey.

    The Attributes are as follows:

    • Health
    • Strength
    • Intelligence
    • Speed

    Each new character will be given 15 points to distribute in each attribute. These attributes will determine how well the character does in a given situation. Once a character enters the world with a set of attributes they are permanent.


    Characters will be able to improve their attributes, and even acquire new ones as they learn and discover more about the New World.

    Attributes on being born

    When a new character is born in a family they will be decide the distribution of their basic attributes, but they will only be given 12 points at the beginning of their life journey. They will however, get a free attribute point as they enter a new stage of their lives, as well as an automatic point for the highest attribute of his/her parents.

    For example:

    The Father's highest attribute is Strength, while their mother's highest attribute is Health.

    Rather than have base that looks like this:

    • Health - 0
    • Strength - 0
    • Intelligence - 0
    • Speed - 0

    It will look like this:

    • Health - 1
    • Strength - 1
    • Intelligence - 0
    • Speed - 0

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